How Regular Oral Health Care Save Your Smile

How Regular Oral Health Care Save Your Smile

The biggest percentage of patients visiting to have their teeth checked does so whenever they experience discomfort level. It happens through a toothache, unwelcomed appearance, or after an incidence that forces them to visit a dentist.

Oral health care is a call to every soul with a dental formula, whether they can smile with their all 32 pieces or a few pieces for a growing child during their early growth stage. Many believe just because their tooth does not pain them, they are free to stay away from a dentist check.

Actually, visiting a dentist regularly is the only sure way to help you from falling trap to diseases associated with dentistry.

Why is Dental Checkup Important To You

There are specifics that dentists look for whenever you pay them a visit and it is essential to everyone to adopt it as a lifestyle for a beautiful future of your dental oral health.

First, you will get dentists advice and directions after taking you through a series of examination. Secondly, if anything is found in your teeth and needs fixing, it means you are experiencing an early diagnosis of a problem before becoming a real dental issue. Thirdly, it saves you money and your smile when you keep your health in check voluntarily.

Dentist Interesting Areas of Check Up

When you visit a dentist, it is not just a checkup you will encounter and told to go, they go to details to make sure nothing is unchecked by the time you are leaving the clinic. The most common areas that you are going to see the dentist checkup are:

  • Cavities
  • X-rays too are going to be part of the process in order to detect in between your teeth whether there may be some cavities.
  • Checkup of any presence of tartar and plaque
  • Gums will be checked to see their conditions (Usually the dentist will use a special tool to do the job, and the most particular thing they do is to measure the space depth between your gum and your tooth. If it is shallow that means your gum is alright and if it turns out to be deeper then that is a wake-up call for a gum disease.
  • Tongue
  • Throat
  • Neck
  • Presence of any swelling
  • Presence of any redness inside your mouth

The dentist will make sure everything is checked to ensure you are clean by the end of the oral health care checkup is over.

Why Dentist Checkup For Cavities During Your Visit

When you are positive about having a cavity, it can take some time before realizing it. But thorough dental check can be able to identify the presence of cavities in your mouth because it is silent and while at home you’re eating and brushing happens normally without you sensing any of this.

Tooth decay is as a result of a cavity, and this happens when that decay affects your enamel and dentin of your tooth. The cavity is not a condition found in children alone, it happens to adult and at that stage, it is dangerous since adult are aging.

What causes Decay? When you eat sugary food or carbohydrates and you fail to clean your mouth, bacteria turn that food into acids. Now, that combination of bacteria, food debris left in your mouth, and acids come together to form something called plaque. The Plaque cleaves on your tooth and since it is acidic, it dissolves your enamel causing holes in your tooth called cavities.

Why Cavity is A Bad Culprit to Hang on Your Teeth

The cavity is the number one cause of many people dental conditions worldwide. It is an entry of other dental diseases if not properly observed. It is bad because most of the patients going to the dentists for treatment end up having their teeth extracted because it has reached the final stage. These are some of the problems that dentists try to avoid patients going to encounter when they rush at the last minute.

The cavity eats your tooth tearing it into pieces and when it reaches the stage of extract, the only hope for you is to go for an implant.

        • Dental Visits Helps You Keep Your Teeth Clean

          One important of regular visits to your dentist is to learn how you are doing wrong when cleaning your teeth. So, from the professional point of view, the dentist will guide you how to be doing it home on your own. If you play your role at home and the dentist plays theirs whenever you visit, then you will never worry about your oral health care anymore.

          How Often Should You Pay a Visit?

          When starting to visit your dentist it good you first keep it at 3 months during the first year. Now after the first year is over since the major checkup is done and somehow your oral health is out of ‘that danger zone’ of common dental infections and condition. The following year you can do it twice per year for an overall checkup and ensure your gum and another normal routine examination is done to clear you of any possible threat. But it is better to go with the dentist’s plan and how they see fit for you.

          On the other hand, for children, depending also on pediatrician’s direction, they are supposed to adhere to that program. Children are exposed to most of the dental conditions because of their vulnerabilities to the food they eat and lack of consistency in following oral cleanliness timetable. But after agreement with the dentist and their guardian, a proper plan regarding how often they should visit is agreed.


          A regular dental checkup is the only solution to eradicate or lessen oral dental conditions which are the major challenge patient’s fight. Also, it should be encouraged to everyone to adopt a healthy dental care by going for examination once in a while in order to keep oral health care in check. Starting that idea from the young ones is encouraged to straighten their health records from when they are still in their early stages of growth.